PPC in Czech language

Would you like to run a succesful pay per click (PPC) campaign in Czech language?


  • We are czech internet marketing agency, developing campaigns for czech and international companies, such as VELUX or Stena Line.
  • We are skilled copywriters for writing attractive advertisements
  • We know the details of czech internet environment
  • We are small company with very competitive prices
  • We can speak Czech!

Internet advertising in Czech republic


PPC in Czech republic

Google AdWords PPC in czech language

  • Google has 50 % market share of search engines in Czech rep.
  • We run campaigns in search engine results and also in partner content network


Seznam Sklik PPC in czech language

  • Seznam has second half of search engines market share
  • Besides search engine, Seznam owns the largest content webs, such as Novinky.cz, Sport.cz, Super.cz, Mapy.cz etc., where we can advertise via Sklik PPC too. Moreover it has also partner content network


eTarget PPC

  • eTarget is smaller provider of PPC and sometimes it can be also beneficial to start a smaller campaign here


Facebook PPC ads

  • There is more than 3 000 000 czech users on Facebook and you can target them very easily


We are experienced in running Pay per click campaigns for websites, eshops or mobile phones; text and banner (display) PPC’s.


Are you looking for search engine marketing (SEM) in Czech? Try us!




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